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Frostear and more(A.K.A Frosteh,Frost)

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:^))) currently dying
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Frostear: Pro pic.She loves the leaves and always wanted to be a medicine cat.She is a loyal warrior from Riverclan.

Leafkit:He is Frostear's brother.He likes to chew on leaves and  jump into piles of them.He is a playful kit of Riverclan.

Swamppaw:He likes to swim.His parents don't like swimming so they banned him from swimming,but sometimes his mentor takes him out to swim.He is a loud appreantice of Thunderclan.

Starsky:She hates being indoors,that's why her bed is outside.She peers at the stars and falls asleep.She doesn't really do much with her life.Her goal is to be a clan cat and be leader.She is a kittypet.

Webpaw:He is new to the clan,he bites his mentor's ear and disrespects the leader.He gets in trouble alot,Swamppaw tries to blame it on himself,but it never works.He is a naughty Thunderclan apprentice.

Hummingkit:She is REALLY playful,even more than Leafkit!She has had anmesia and suffered the torture of being kicked out of Windclan.She can fight and hunt on her own.She knows Webpaw for some reason.She is an odd rouge.

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Hey Frost! Join my site too: http://warriors-anewdusk.webs.com/