Warriors: A New Prophecy


Welcome to Warriors: A New Prophecy!

All of Thunderclan, Riverclan, Windclan, and Shadowclan's cat's have all died in battle, or had become rouges and loners. Now, Starclan has no hope for all four clans to exist. Instead, they chose one cat, to reunite all the clans, and make Thunderclan, Riverclan, WIndclan, and Shadowclan, once more, the four clans.

Here are the rules!


2. Please, no bullying or cussing. If you need to cuss, cuss like this: &%[email protected]

3. Please do not spam our chat boxes!

4. No detailed mating!

5. Contact Pebblestar (AKA Tangle) if you want to attack another clan.

6. Power-playing is not permitted on this site.

7. Do not role-play other people's cats unless they said you could.

8. Keep the role-playing realistic, please! Your cat doesn't have special superpowers and all that crap.

9. I will PM you a prophecy if I think your cat is good enough.

10. Your cat is not immortal. They will have to die someday.

11. Please ask someone if they can kill your cat. If they say no, they oh well.

12. Kittypets and rouges are permitted. If you want to along with your kittypet, you can make a human. But please no separate accounts for humans!

13. You can only join this site if you are active. We will be watching you!

14. Please don't ask if you can be an admin or Mod! And admins, I will be choosing the admins! If I see you have done that, you will be severely punished!!!!!!!!

15. Please make sure all of your cats attend the Gatherings. If you are a medicine cat or medicine cat apprentice, they please attend Medicine cat Gatherings by the Moonstone. Medicine cat gatherings are also held in forums on half-moons.

16. We do not audition for deputies. If you would like to become a leader, please PM the site owner for the audition. We do the leader auditions in private so I know nobody is copying each other and everyone has their own ideas.

17. Deputies  must travel to the Moonstone (another friend optional) to receive their nine lives.

18. Please make sure to put all of your charater's in create-a-character  in the section General Discussion.


11. Please have fun with this! If someone is making your experience bad, please report them to me, and I will fix it! Thank you!

If you disrespect any of these rules, you will be deleted.

Theme Song for the site!

The Prophecy of the Clans

Four cats led by Starclan must meet at Fourtrees at once and re-unite the clans before the Dark Forest rules Starclan with beliefs that no longer exist for the living cats. If these four cats meet together, Staclan will guide them to the Clan in which they shall rule. Then, they shall gather more and more cats, and make the clans once more!

The Moon Tracker!

Welcome to the Moon Tracker! The Moon Tracker on the home page will let leaders (And yourself) remember when the Gatherings are and what the moon is like. Gatherings are held in the forums so that way we can remember what we talked about.


The current Season is: Greenleaf

Introducing the Site Staff!!

Site Owner: Pebblestar and others!